About our Grass Fed Beef - ording information

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About our Grass Fed Beef - ording information
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Our next available beef will go to butcher JANUARY 15, 2018.   Jack Straw Farm Beef is bred and grown here in the Harford County, MD.  Our beef takes over 2  years to get from our pastures to your grill.   Your beef will be custom cut to your specifications; steak thickness, roast sizes etc.   We work with a privately owned USDA certified facility which gives you many options on your cut and beef processing.   PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW - LIMITED SUPPLY!   All orders must be confirmed 2 weeks prior to butchering date.   We are taking deposits now for our fall order.   Our beef is sold first come first served, deposits lock in your order and pricing.  WINTER SPECIAL $3.99 pr/lb any size!!!  
We don't use chemical herbicides or pesticides on our pastures for weed control nor do we use chemical maintenance drugs or growth hormones in our cattle.  Our cattle are clean from the inside out, are GRASS FED start to finish and are never penned in  unsanitary feed lots or pumped with silage or heavy protein diets (grains etc.) to gain weight quickly.   Often these fed lot animals are also fed maintenance drugs such as penicillan to keep them healthy in these confinded unsanitary lots.  Our beef is very lean and lower in cholesterol and saturated fats and higher in Omega 3s than traditionally raised grain fed / finished beef.   Check out www.eatwild.com for more information on the benifits of grass fed beef!   This website will compare grain fed beef with the benfits of grass fed beef.
Our qualilty pastures have been seeded with MAX-Q , researched and designed by the University of Georgia, and AgResearch based out of New Zealand.  This non-toxic endophyte free fescue is all natural with NO chemical engineering involed in the seed processing and design.  Our pastures are well mananged and provide our cattle with the best quality pasture available in the Harford County area!    Our new pastures have been seeded with BEEF MASTER PLUS which is also endophyte free.

Beef cut chart.
The chart shows the different cuts of beef and cuts available.   Each side is custom cut to your specifications.   Our beef is tender, and hormone free, you must taste the difference!


The best way to enjoy a T-Bone is right off the Grill!!!
Our Angus beef is grass fed start to finish.  Grass fed beef is much leaner than meats purchased from your local market.  Most mass quanity cattle fed in a feed lot are given growth harmones; Jack Straw Farm does NOT use growth harmones in our beef, maintenance injections of penicillians, or herbicides in our pastures for weed control. 
First come first serve, we have a limited supply available!!!


Call for current pricing!  Our beef is sold on a first come first serve basis.  New customers require a $100.00 deposit per 1/4 purchased.   Each quater will split the shoulder and hind.  

SUPPORT AND SAVE THE CHESEPEAKE BAY  -  BUY JACK STRAW FARM BEEF.   JSF supports and works with the Natrual Resource Conservation Service NRCS with pasture management Best Management Pratices (BMPs) to promote the health of our Cheasepeake Bay.  We use rotaional grazing, our cattle do not have access to stream areas or buffers to wetlands.  They are in all upland grazing areas and rotated to ensure ground cover to retain soil and nutrient loss of the soil into our streams.   We do bi-yearly soil test to dertermine the minimum amount of fertilizers for our pasture to promote excellent growth and premimum pasture for our cattle.  We use MAX-Q fescuse which is endofyte free and high in protien for our cattle's consumption, this mixed with clover reduces the amouts of lime needed to neturalize soils for vegetated growth.  

We are also working with the Enviromental Defence Fund EDF to restore an overgrown wetland habitat by utilizing goats to graze out invasive species and woody vegatation.  This will promote the quality of the wetland, its function of a natural sponge for rain events and flooding which also helps to regenerate our ground water table, as well as provide habitat and shelter for many aquatic creatures, water foul and animals. JSF - GO GREEN!  


Want more information on the benifits of Grass fed beef vs. grain fed beef, check out this site: www.americangrassfedbeef.com/grass-fed-natural-beef.asp

Are you worried about freezer space?  One cubic foot of freezer space will hold approximately 30-32 lbs of beef.    Our take home quarters range from 130+/-lbs  to  155+/- lbs.

Cut Selection on a side. 
Our beef is sold by the 1/4, 1/2 (split side), and whole.  Each 1/4 would split a side of beef to include part of the hind and part of the shoulder.  The cuts per side would include chuck, rib, loin, round, shank, briscut, short plate and flank.  These pieces are then cut into steaks, roasts, beef cubes, strip steaks, and ground beef.  Your order is cutomized to your choice of thickness and other speciality cuts!   Each piece is individually wrapped in freezer safe packaging and flash frozen!
Price is based on hanging weight per lb.


How Our Beef is Priced: 
JSF beef is priced based on the Hanging weight which is the weight defined as what remains after the internal organs, hide, head and feet are removed (hot carcass).  On average, a whole hanging hot carcass will weigh would approximately be 600-850 pounds, a half will weigh approximately 275-415 lbs and a quarter will weigh average approximately 137.5 lbs up to 170lbs +/-.  This is how the price per pound of your beef is determined (however each animal is weighed independently and your price is based on that animals weight).  Then your beef is custom cut to your specifications!

Questions to ask your current beef provider:
1) How is your beef finished?  Most cattle are grass fed in thier early life then put in a feed lot, at that time often given penicillian (to keep them healthly in the confined space) and pumped with grain to fatten them up which gives them a fatty sweeter taste - beef farmers call this finishing.   Jack Straw Farm beef is grass fed start to finish with a natual diet of grass, never pumped with grain thier last 90 days or put in a feed lot EVER.  By finishing calltle on grain the last few months they lose the health benifits of being grass fed such as lower saturated fats and higher Omega 3s.   At Jack Straw Farm you are given the best possible product, a leaner cleaner beef! 
2). How do you maintian your pastures?  At Jack Straw Farm we do not use any checmical herbicides inside the pastue area.   All weed control is done by mowing except under the electric fencing.   Most farms are maintained through chemical weed control, this is sprayed on the plants your beef will be digesting which in turn you will be eating. 
3).  Cattle Health?  Most farms administer maintenance drugs such as penicillians, injectable fly / parasite control and other injectable drugs to maintain a healthy heard.   Our cattle are grass fed and are out in pasture thier entire life in fresh air with lots of open space this keeps them healthy and they dont need such maintenance drugs as those put in feed lots or finish pens.   They drink out of stainless steel automatic watering system which delivers cool water in the summer and heated water during the cold winter months, they never drink from a stream which carries bacteria and containments or out of an unsanitary watering tub covered in green algae.     
Grain fed cattle are higher in asturated fat, go with Jack Straw Farm  beef its the better, healthier option!   GO GREEN.


                        NORTH HARFORD HIGH FSA
Jack Straw Farm is also working with our local schools and involved with our FSA program with high school students work with us through their internship program to learn about animal husbandry care and best management farming practices.    We enjoy sharing out livelihood with young America and have done several presentations at our local schools.    North Harford High brought their students our for a field trip to view our rotational grazing practices, and a few projects we have worked with the NRCS to construct.  

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